Vuosi 2015 * Year 2015


Suomeksi voit käydä lukemassa menneestä vuodesta Facebookissa tallin sivulla Ponitalli Stall Ax Ponnystall!

In English a summary of the year gone By, 2015. It wasa great year for us as Shetland breeders. I have had the same dream in Shetland breeding that I had earlier when we bred standardbred trotters, to achieve a quality that is interesting also abroad. And so we did, Gwaihir Ax, a yearling colt By Verano Lee v.d. Zandkamp and Skattens Sissy was sold to Denmark as stallion potential (bottom right corner in the photo). Not many breeders in Finland manage to sell abroad, there is so many horses to choose from in other countries as the horse industry is much bigger anywhere else and also the prices are lower without the complexity of getting the pony transported from Finland. So, we are very happy to have sold Gwaihir to a breeder that is interested in keeping him as stallion. Gwaihir was also the best yearling Shetland colt shown at official foal assessment in Finland 2015! He also got Gold at breed show. We also got three other Ax youngsters sold as we intended, Dunedain, Mithrim and Elenya, which is great to achieve and now have the space and time for new foals. In 2015 we got two foals, Gwaihir’s little brother Caradhras and and a filly Nenya By Verano and Jenniefer, who also got now Gold at mare assessment in Finland as she has got earlier in Sweden.

We had made the decision of concentrate in combined driving so less breed shows was attended. However we had some ponies at a breed show in Febuary and it was well worth it as Swinghill’s Paulette become Champion mare and Best In Show III and her son By Verano, Thorin Ax was Champion of young ponies and became Best In Show II!

As I wrote we wanted to concentrate in driving and one more dream came true in the spring as we participated in combined driving with a pair, Swinghill’s Paulette and Ivanhoe av Friheten and even placed second amongst big ponies and horses! With Ivanhoe I also competed single. Verano, our breeding stallion participated in Shettis Cup long reining class with a shared victory.

Verano covered 8 mares of which all is in foal of first attempt, he couldn’t do better! His foals also got enough of official foal assessment results for us to pleague for AB nomination for his offsprings and we will now in January if it is accepted.

Last I could mention that we got our first Finnhorse ever also, Kapinan Haltia and hope to have a versatile horse in her in the future 🙂

Year 2016 comes with new challenges, Leena is chose to be the informer for combined driving in Finland so we have an exciting year in head of us. I hope to compete with Ivanhoe on higher level also… We are expecting two foals By Verano, Swinghill’s Paulette and Skattens Sissy should still be in foal. These may be the main goals as well as taking the foals Caradhras, Nenya and Eowyn to official foal assessments.

Happy New Year 2016!



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